Activity scores

Dear Steve,

I have been trying to work out how LingQ calculates activity scores. Is there somewhere on the site where I can find this information? Does our activity score represent total activity, activity in the past month or something else?

Thanks for your help.

See whether this link will answer your question :

There is a problem with LingQ’s activity scoring system, which all new members ought to be aware of. It is VERY ADDICTIVE. You find yourself lingQing and learning the most ridiculously obscure vocabulary, chortling to yourself that it is increasing your activity score.

Judging by some of the top scores, it is impossible to get to the top of the leader board unless I spend 8 hours a day on this site it seems.

You get faster, both at creating lingQs and learning them.

Faster you may get, but 6,500 in a month is a lot of new unknown words!
I could not possibly find the time to add that many words let alone learn a significant number of them.

The rankings are quite fascinating though.

For real motivation, I would really like to see a graph or progress, so we can see changes in lingqs made, words known, activity score, etc. Activity score could be shown accumulated over a week or month.
That would be fantastic!

You reach a tipping point where new words aren’t really new, they are words you already know with prefixes, or suffixes, or different verb aspects, or nouns in a different case. I lingQ and learn each new form of words I already know. Alternatively I could just learn the dictionary form and mark all the rest as known.

Equally, you work out faster ways of creating LingQs.

It just shows that using LingQ, like doing IQ tests, is a trainable skill :wink: