Activity Score

Just curious, is there a formula that is published by you guys somewhere that shows what the formula is for how you calculate a user’s activity score?

There is, but I remember not where it is. I remember that with the old exchange system, it took into accound both the amount of writing and speaking that you had done, but without that stuff, it is basically the number of LingQs created plus the number of LingQs set to known in the previous month.

@CTaylor - We actually made some updates to the Activity Score maybe around 6 months ago to include some more activities on the site. In addition to the previous formula it now also factors in the number of times you visit the site and the number of languages you are actively studying.

Okay, but you guys don’t have a page where one can see exactly how it is calculated, or a description? Also, I take it that the number of times you listen to something is not included?

It would be interesting to see how the Activity Score is now calculated.

I also have to admit to being somewhat intrigued about how it is calculated. Thanks in advance.

@all - OK, let me take a look and see if I can find the actual equation :slight_smile:

And one aspect of it that I’m additionally interested in is what time period of activity is relevant to the current activity score.

@all - I wasn’t able to find the exact numbers (doing so would require distracting one of our developers) but here are the activities that are included in the Activity Score:

LingQs created, LingQs learned, speaking events (15-minute conversations attended), words of writing (through submissions on Exchange), minutes of conversation hosting and days logged in last month. For the days logged in, I remember this one as 10 points each day you access a language, so 300 activity points over 30 days if you actively study a single language every day through the site.

Alex, does everything reset on the 1st of every month? Can you give a little more detail on the time frame: “last month” is a running monthly window? or is your activity score for December (i.e., today’s activity score) based upon your activity from December 1 up until today (Dec. 10), for example?

@CTaylor - It’s actually for the past 30 days, so your Activity Score today would include activities from around November 10th to December 10th.

Many thanks, Alex.