Activity score

Hey everyone, I had a question on the activity score. I was curious how this score works. I know that it measures your activity with in a period of 30 days and something about how many actions and stuff. I was wondering though, what does it take to get to a score like 8,000 which is where the top score is? I want to know so I can kind of set a goal for myself. I think this will make a good drive to compel me to keep studying.

@Minjun - I suggest you check out the explanation here on the Community help page Community Help

What are ‘events’?

“events” are speaking events. Each speaking event is 15 minutes, so if you sign up for a 30 minute conversation with a tutor then it will count as 2 events. Group conversations are 1 event, regardless of the length. Since there are more people involved, you won’t get to speak as much in a 1 hour group conversation as you would in a 30 minute one-on-one conversation.

Why are they so heavily weighted (60 activity points per event)?

Because initially we were basing it on minutes of conversation for a 1 hour group conversation for which a user paid 500 points. We then wanted the guy who paid 500 points for a 15 minute

conversation to get the same credit in his activity score.