Activity score reset

I was learning on article yesterday and the popup was shown that I met daily target so I stopped. The activity score next to apple icon changed from 1 to 2. Today the value is 0 that I can see on history chart I didn’t met the criteria so I assume there’s a bug while saving

This has happened to me Monday and Wednesday.

Sorry about that both! I’ll check with our development team what could be wrong there and get back to you as soon as I have more informations. Thanks for your patience.

thank you for looking into this.

@shayron @ryckowski Question for both of you. Are you using LingQ website version only, or you are using mobile app too?

only web. The scenario looks like this I think: I’m reading a page and adding lingqs and I can see a popup saying I met the goal. I do not click on next page so words are not added as known words as I stopped working, just close browser or click on home page logo