Activity score in japanese/chinese

Hey everybody. I really thank you for accepting Japanese writing, and I am very happy with the system! I do have a question regarding the activity score. How is the activity score calculated in the Japanese writing section? Is it related to the number of points initially taken? or do you manually adjust it as you do for the points?

I am just curious about this, since I have a monthly goal for the activity score

But keep up the good work here at lingq!!

Hi jyoshikousei,

I noticed the other day that there is an issue here. Japanese and Chinese writing is not being correctly added to the activity score. It is something we have to look at but we have no way right now of correcting it.

thanks mark

I’ve noticed my score wavering up and down the past few days and i just thought I would ask… I don’t know why it goes down sometimes buy oh well.

But until you get this worked out I will just have to work harder to reach my goal!

Because your activity score on the Overview page shows you your score for the last 30 days it can go up and down since you are always adding the most recent day’s statistics but losing the stats from the 31st day.

はい! 分かりました
Ok, so if i maintain roughly the same score, I am basically working at the same level as i was a month ago!

or perhaps i am working MORE since the score isn’t tallying up right just yet (no rush… i like the idea that i am working more than what my score says)

thanks again Mark ^^ keep up the good work