Activity Score and Statistics

Some of you have already noticed that we have uploaded changes to the statistics in the last few days. I would just like to explain what the changes were and why they were made.

First of all, you now see, underneath your Progress Snapshot, an indicator of your current level and a number for your Activity Score.

To change your current level or to see your current targets, you can click on the “Change” link to see the Goals page. You can still get to the goals page as you did before, by clicking on the Set your goals link under the page title.

The Activity Score is a measure of how active you have been on the site during the current month. Obviously, as the month goes along, your score should go up. (If you’re working hard :)!) The Activity Score is a combination of the different activities on the site and is calculated using the following formula:

Activity Score = (Created LingQs/2)+Learned LingQs+Words of Writing+(# of Events*60)

As some of you have noticed, we no longer allow you to enter additional writing and speaking numbers from your activities away from LingQ. This is because we are going to start to keep track of and recognize the most active members and we want to be able to use measurable numbers from your activity on LingQ. I know many of you liked to be able to record your learning activities away from LingQ and we will be re-implementing this ability once we build a way to keep these numbers out of our Activity Score calculation. For now, please just record these numbers somewhere else so you can enter them later.

As usual, we welcome all your feedback.

Hi, Mark,
I’m not sure someone without a technical background would understand that the ‘#’ sign means “quantity”… rsss…

only I cannot find a reference point for this number.
I see a number but I don’t know is that good or bad.

Thanks for clarifying Ana.

Irene, please be patient. We will, hopefully soon, begin to display a ranking so you can see how you are doing relative to other members and we will be doing a few other things with the Activity Score as well.

I would suggest you include forum participation in the writting score. I never submitted a written assignment, but I had written a lot in the forum. I thing this is a powerful measure of participation. Maybe you could include the number of forum words divided by 2 or other factor, to make a difference between submitted and free writing.

Interesting suggestion. I am not sure how we do this technically but we will look at it. Thanks!

The Activity Score is supposed to be a measure of your learning activity. Forum posts are not always in your target language so should not all be counted. It’s an interesting idea and we will probably try and increase the range of the activities we include in the Activity Score over time.

I just wonder if there’s been any change to counting the speaking events or if I’ve a bug. This month I’ve had seven 30 min. conversations so far, equals 14 speaking events (as far as I know) but the systems counts 7 only.


Hi Radek,

Unfortunately, our statistics counter only counts number of conversations and does not take into account the duration. We will be looking into this soon and making all of our statistics more accurate. In the meantime, your statistics will not be correct if you sign up for 1 on1 conversations longer than 15 minutes.

Hi Mark,
I was wondering, during the day my activity score goes down. Does it drop as much as it rose the same date the month before, or is there another key to the amount it drops?

That’s right, darbanville. The Activity Score reflects your activity for the last 30 days. So, every day you lose the activity from 31 days ago and add today’s activity.