Activity Score Algorithm

I don’t know exactly how the activity score is calculated internally, but from my experience it seems that it shoots up easily with the increase of known words, as well as doing writing and speaking activities.

If this is true, I have feeling that it does not truly encourage LingQ members to engage in the more important activities. Here is my reasoning.

Reading and listening, as pointed out by Steve many times, should be the major activities we should be engaged in. Writing and speaking a little bit per week should be enough.

The current flash card system also increment the word status automatically. So one can increase the number of known words substantially just by doing a lot of flashcard reviews.

In my opinion, we should get higher activity scores by reading and writing, much higher than what is implemented in the current algorithm.

You can see how the Activity Score is calculated here:

It is meant to be a measure of how active you are on the site. We want to encourage people to create LingQs, save LingQs, review flashcards, write and speak. We can’t include listening and reading because these statistics are too easy to manipulate but we hope that the counting of LingQs created is an indicator of the amount of reading and listening done.