Activity points

I don’t know if this is described - I couldn’t find this point - but I would like know how the activity point will be counted.
I wonder that I have one day more than five thousand and then suddenly less.

Mark, please could you give us information how points are counted and how they will be reduced.
Are the points in the monthly report a percentile or is that the worth of a special day?


If you search for “activity score” in the Forum, you will find lots of explanation about how it works.

Hi Mark, I would like to know if my free membership give enough points to have speaking practice or if i must pay before, how many speaking sessions are included ?

Hi Virginia,

No, you don’t receive any points with Free membership so you can not join Conversations in the Speak section. Each Conversation costs 500 points. You can buy points and/or upgrade your membership to a level that includes points on the Account page.

Hi Mark,
Thanks a lot .I will take into account your information.