Activity points bug?

I just noticed something really funny… I’ve been looking at my stats go up the last week. My activity points have been steadily going up all week. Yesterday just as much Lingqing as any of the days before.

Is it possible for your activity score to decrease after a decent study period the day before??? I was up 560 something yesterday and This morning i woke up its at 499. Not that It really matters but i just find it odd how it would count it that way.
Where as if you look at alex’s statistics he didn’t lingq anything yesteday ( based on his statistics) yet his Activity score stayed the exact same?

How does that work? SHouldnt activity scores decrease if you’re not active at all a whole day. OR shouldnt they increase if you are ?

Anyreason why activity score would decrease even though you’ve been very active?

Just curious! =p.

I understand that they are based on a 30-days’ average, which could explain the sudden drop.

The Activity Score measures your activity for the last 30 days. Therefore, your score can drop even if you are active today if you were more active 31 days ago.