Activity leaders?

I don’t think I am learning English very hard, but I am in the list of “Activity leaders.” This seems very strange to me. I just try to post as many messages as I can on the forums at LingQ using Post and Submit for Correction.

every submitted for correction word is added to your activity score (1 word = 1 activity score point). During this month you submitted 3334 words!

“1 word = 1 activity score point”
I did not know that. Thank you.

I pay only 79 US dollars per month now, but I am on the list of “Activity leader.”
I wonder how many people are paying at LingQ. Can the balance sheet of LingQ be open to each member like other organizations or commercial companies? I hope that the number of paying members will increase because I love LingQ and am addicted to it. Am I right in thinking that LingQ cannot pay for promotion costs, and tutors are required to give “free”(unpaid) lessons in order to encourage the free members to become paying members? Can LingQ not afford to provide new members with free lessons generously?

The free promotional lessons which tutors are required to give is a minor nuisance issue. It was discussed before hand, and only one tutor expressed disagreement. The system was set up accordingly. It is true that new tutors are not aware of this, and that is a problem. We are looking at other solutions. The total amount of free lessons per month is insignificant, and most of them are for English. I, for example, have never had a free learner. This issue is just a distraction but we will deal with it.

The balance sheet of LingQ is not open to the public. Let us just say that without my determination to make LingQ the best language learning community on the Internet, and the best place to learn languages, LingQ would long since have ceased to exist.

"It was discussed beforehand, and only one tutor expressed disagreement. The system was set up accordingly. "
I did not know that. Was that after the introduction of the “all members are tutors” principle?

I got the information some days before the changes were made, and I disagreed, but I got no option to “opt out”.

I’m feeling bad because I’m obviously the only one who “expressed disagreement”. It makes me feel “small-minded” and not generous enough.

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I think there may have been some of us who expressed apathy rather than disagreement. I don’t have a lot of time to give away to new learners. On the other hand, I haven’t had many people wanting free lessons, so I have no real reason to complain :wink:

I don’t think there are a lot of premium members. There are a lot more basic members tutoring each other, and for each conversation or written submission corrected LingQ gets a “fee”. I wouldn’t have thought it’s a huge turnover though, and there must be programming and admin costs every month.

As Steve has stated above it is not a major issue. When we first talked about it many tutors had no problem with it and, in fact, may have suggested the offering of free conversations to newcomers. However, we don’t like to irritate our members… :wink: We will be changing our system so that tutors will be paid for these conversations in the future.

Sounds good. Thank you.

80 dollars a month? Wow, you must REALLY like lingq.

Yutaka is a very active LingQer, and a very active participant on our forums. I always appreciate his commitment to writing here on the forum, whether I agree with him or not. The important issue is not for us to see eye to eye on all issues, although we do on most. The important thing is that his written English has improved noticeably since he first starting writing here. And he, like me, is not a young buck, rather we are both somewhat long in the tooth, as they say, me longer than him.

How do I view the list of activity leaders? Is there a leader board page some where? I have searched a bit and haven’t come across it yet.

Click on the ‘Exchange’ button at the top. You are currently 4th in Spanish and not far from getting onto the total activity scoreboard. I find that at times when I am working hard on the website, trying to get high up on the activity scoreboard is very motivating.

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Thanks Colin! That was exactly what I was looking for.