Act of terrorism in St Petersburg

The act of terrorism was done in the underground in St Petersburg.
9 men were killed at the place, 5 men died in the hospital ( 14 victims totally) and about 50 people were hurt.
There is no save place in the world nowadays!..


nope you can’t even catch a train

Yes, it is very sad.

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There is so much suffering. Many of the wounded have serious injuries. All the people who who were on the metro or who were waiting at the next metro station, are traumatized.

Friends and family members are hurting. The nation is in mourning.

Also, some of the people who died might have pets who will never see their human parents again.

There is probably too much pain to really be able to feel it.

Innocent people shouldn’t have to pay for the actions of their corrupt and vile leaders.
But we shouldn’t ignore the people who were killed today in Syria by the regime and the Russian army(more like mercenaries actually).They’ve used a chemical attack against civilians and then they’ve bombed the hospitals in which the ones who still had a chance to survive were taken to.

I hope that these kinds of actions against innocent people throughout the world will decrease as time goes by.

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i feel sorry for those people in russia i also feel sorry for the people russia killed in syria defending a regime that kills it’s own people too.i think that isprobaly why there hasnot been alot of coverage of this attack in north america unlike other attacks in paris ,madrid london,and germany that had non stop coverage for days or weeks

What an appalling comment, MADARA.

“Innocent people shouldn’t have to pay for the actions of their corrupt and vile leaders.”

Please tell me the name of any leader on this planet who isn’t vile and corrupt. Close to 60 countries have been bombing Syria non-stop so I don’t see how this could be payback. According to your logic I should watch my back because Canada’s been bombing Syria too right? I hope that you don’t seriously believe that when we Westerners are bombing innocent Syrians we only kill the bad guys.

Also, why is everyone freaking out about a chemical attack when about 60 different countries have been bombing Syria, Iraq and Yemen for years now?


The individual who carried out this attack in St Petersburg is utter filth - just like the piece of dogs_t who killed some random people and a police officer in London the other day.

Kill ISIS sympathising scum!

Round them up and K_I_L_L them!! No mercy.

At least it’s convenient for Putin a few days after the arrest of peaceful demonstrators. Nothing better than a bombing in order to remember everybody they need a strong leader. Erdogan likes this.

Meanwhile Putin’s boy kills dozens of his own people with chemical weapons.

What’s sad is that in both cases civilians pay.

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I don’t understand how we still aren’t done with ISIS. It took a couple weeks to control the entire country of Iraq and defeat a professional military. Hopefully it’ll be soon but this is beyond me.

Evgueny40 wrote:
“There is no safe place in the world nowadays!”

If you are in war zones, you are more unsafe. Neither suicide attacks nor chemical weapons do not select their victims. Non-combatants, local people, and “prisoners of war” might be injured or killed. Do they have to make the sacrifice for ending the war?

I don’t know that weapons and soldiers can end the war in Iraq and Syria. Who can stop the war in the Middle East? What brought about such a conflict in the area?

Worst Chemical Attack in Years in Syria; U.S. Blames Assad Worst Chemical Attack in Years in Syria; U.S. Blames Assad - The New York Times


I know you are angry. If you intend to take command of counter-terrorism operations, you should be more specific. You should describe more specifically how to catch what you call “ISIS sympathising scum”. You cannot afford to lose your mind.

“…I know you are angry…”

You noticed, huh?

“…If you intend to take command of counter-terrorism operations…”

I don’t and that’s a GOOD thing - for ISIS.

“…you should be more specific. You should describe more specifically how to catch what you call “ISIS sympathising scum”…”

Are you kidding me? Western intelligence is following literally 1000s of these bastards. We know who most of them are. I say: we shouldn’t wait around until they randomly decide to strike! Anyone with a background of supporting ISIS militarily, financially or logistically either at home or abroad, or anyone who has repeatedly discussed non-specific plans of attack should be put on a black-ops hit list. They should be clinically eliminated.

“…You cannot afford to lose your mind…”

Who is crazy here - the guy who who pops prozac pills and waits to be run over or stabbed, or the guy who actively fights back?

I say again: kill them!!

Whom do you intend to convey your “command” to? To LingQ members? It is an imperative sentence, isn’t it?

I wonder if I should have used “Who” instead of “Whom” at the beginning of the first sentence. Which word is more natural in that context?

True, it’s an imperative, but it’s meaning in this context is “we must …”.

Edit: It’s a forceful expression.

“To whom are you referring? With whom were you talking?‎” may be a useful example from that article. Your sentence looks correct but maybe the preposition should be in front of “whom”? I don’t know.

My condolences for those innocents.

After the last few years, NASA trying to discover a new habitable planet makes sense.

" There is no safe place in this Planet!"


I have a better explanation :

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@Yutaka, We all understood that he was talking about Impunity, I don’t know why a MODERATOR is trying to start a mess here, just stop.

“What brought about such a conflict into the area?”

People usually answer colonialism, oil, their violent culture, tribal mentality, a bigger proportion of young (18-30 years old) people, the NeoConservatives followed by Obama’s sloppy foreign policy, lack of education, and etc. etc. It depends on who you ask

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