Acquired accent indicates emotional instability?

This is the stupidest news article I’ve read all day:

“British employers have labelled the Australian accent ‘a clear indicator of a person’s insecurity or emotional weakness’ and warned young Brits not to imitate it or risk unemployment”^^


I have not noticed any British people starting to speak with Australian accents after watching Australian TV shows.

I don’t know about accents, but I reckon there must be a scientific study out there to show that people who shave their heads have a greater propensity to imitate the facial expressions of bad guys from Batman films.

(Not that I am thinking of anyone in particular…of course…:-D)

Oh all right then, I admit I was thinking of Mr Clugston! (IMO he has a manic Joker-like leer in many of his videos.)

I hate brits when they want to start war with America, Ireland, Scotland, France, and Australia. Leave them Aussies alone!

@ OzzyHellBack

I have to admit, I don’t really understand your post. Have you been using Steve’s dictation software by any chance?

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@Jay - we all knew immediately who you were thinking about^^. Never ceases to make me laugh, though I’d have 'im 'round for a barbie.

@Kimo - wasting time on language forums helps me get through the 114°F plus (45/46 °C) heat!
Nearly fried my brain & laptop. 46°C degrees for Day 1 Challenge…

@Colin - I think he’s talking about their war of words… Some do like to “whinge” about Oz. On the other hand, in the media the Brits accuse us aussies of having a national past-time of “Pommie bashing”, which isn’t entirely incorrect^^. Of course, it’s just for fun…though other cultures aren’t amused by our sense of humour.

Okay…the Challenge starts for me in 5 minutes… [deafening sound of silence will now ensue]

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@Iri - oh you so get a rose for that - so funny!