Acknowledgment of challenges

I think that with the end of August I completed two 90-day challenges, failed two, and also had 1000+ LingQs in the monthly LingQing. I did receive an email saying nice job on finishing the 90-day challenge (not language-specific), but on my profile page my “Completed Challenges” doesn’t include any of these, and I didn’t get posts saying “Sorry you didn’t make it” for the flunked ones either. Do I just need to be patient? Or am I misunderstanding what should happen?


Hi Miznia,
Sorry about that. I reported your issue to our development team and will let you know as soon as I hear back from them. We’ll make sure you get your badge!

Yep, same for me. Starting in July all the completed monthly challenges stopped registering in the system as completed.

Yes, the same thing happened to me and I kept forgetting to ask about it. I do believe I completed 3 German ones.

Same here. The issue seems to have begun in July, as RicardoA mentioned above. I completed the monthly Lingq challenges for July and August, in addition to the 90 day Russian Challenge ending on 8-30. Badges have yet to be credited.

I completed the French challenge in July but no notification came ever since.