Account downgraded after changing billing option?

Hi folks,

I have a Basic account and decided last night that I wanted to change my billing from Paypal to directly on my Credit Card… but today I’ve found that I’ve been downgraded back to a Free account. That wasn’t what I intended, can someone check what’s happened? Sorry if this is normal and I’m just being impatient - but I’m eager to create LingQs again :slight_smile:

[Incidentally, I didn’t get my 500 bonus points when I originally upgraded to Basic either. Not a big deal to me, but I thought I would mention it.]

Otherwise though, I’m really enjoying the website, thanks for creating this!

Hi syneryder,

PayPal shows that the payment profile was canceled then a new payment profile was created, rather than the payment method being changed. In any case, I’ve upgraded you back to Basic and applied your new payment profile. In addition, I applied the upgrade coupon code that hadn’t been applied yet. Enjoy!

Wow! That was amazingly fast - I’d barely clicked away from this forum page when I suddenly noticed I had 500 points. I almost thought I’d imagined it! Thanks so much for the very fast service :slight_smile:

[And sorry if I made a blunder with the billing - I’m pretty sure I just clicked Change Payment Method, but I’m sorry if I got something wrong.]

You’ll find, syneryder, that the administrators of this site take very good care of us Lingqers!

@syneryder - That does look like a bug in our payment system. Sorry about that. We’ll get that fixed.

I wrote about this bug many month ago.