Accessing full-text mode with the new version

Hi, how do you access full-text mode with the new version? There used to be a handy button one could click on to get it. Now apparently there is some way to access it, but it’s not obvious.

Also, question to others: how often do you use full-text mode? I use it constantly when reviewing vocabulary in order to see more context than the wee little scrap of text that’s saved. I often copy and save additional context in the notes so I can really understand how and where and as part of which story the sentence fragment or word was used.

I will also miss this as a quick reference, easy, one click feature, from which to copy and paste, especially with the mini-stories. Even more so the translation full text version that went alonside it.

It’s a useful feature for sure and I agree that it should be restored.
I don’t use it as much as you seem to do but I find it useful for copying phrases into external dictionaries or into Google and, above all, for searching text. Sometimes I want to find a particular expression that I know was in the lesson. Instead of browsing page by page, I can use the browser search text feature to locate it full text mode.

You can still get the full text to open in a new tab like this: Settings (… icon) → Lesson info → Print Icon.


In fact, the full text instant availability of the translation text, for reference, is crucial to my study of the mini stories. And it’s not the same as clicking to “translate lesson” and getting odd, almost unreadably tiny translation sentences under some of the lines, which you then can’t easily remove to continue study. The translation and full text at one click were great features and took basically no space on the reader layout, why they’ve been removed is beyond me. Was research done that found people don’t use them?


Hi there, I appreciate the feedback, but I was unable to actually access full text mode using your suggestion above. I got into the Lesson Info screen and then could not see any Print Icon.

So I made an additional enquiry of the support service in an email, enclosing a screen shot to show what I meant when I said that I couldn’t see any Print Icon.

I received the following reply from Zoran:
Hi Nora,
The Full Text option is no longer available. However, you can still see the Full Text under the listening/karaoke mode in the audio player. Just start the audio and you will see a button to access the listening mode there.

LingQ Support

I tried out what Zoran was talking about and found out that it was a display that highlights the sentence being read out within the full text… But you can’t do “finds” in it and you can’t copy text as you could with the old “full text”. So this view does not meet my needs at all.

It does work for me and I can copy and search. Are you sure you are doing what Seanos proposed? You have to press the ellipsis icon (…) first, then “lesson info”. Then you should be able to see the print icon

Hi there. Yes, I get into Settings (… icon) and then “lesson Info” just fine, but there honestly is no “Print” icon on my “Lesson Info” screen! I wish I could show you the screen print that I sent along with my request to Support that shows an example of what I see on the “Lesson Info” screen, but you can’t attach such things here. :frowning:

It does seem odd that if full text with copy and search is available as you say it is, just as it was before, that Zoran would say that it is no longer available in this new version…???

I’m puzzled…

I am under the impression that the official “full text” feature has been removed but now it is possible to print out the lesson, which ends up providing the same functionality. But it is really odd that I can access it but you can’t.
Maybe it depends on the browser? I have tried both Firefox and Chrome and it does work for me: I get a print icon next to the heart icon at the bottom of the “Lesson info” window

Ah, I now understand: I get two completely different versions of “Lesson Info” on my iPAD and on my PC computer using Firefox! I do indeed see “Print Screen” on my computer with Firefox and it works just as you say!

But there isn’t any “Print Screen” on my iPAD. Here “Lesson Info” shows me a full screen’s worth of information about the lesson, including “New Words”, LingQs", “Known Words”, a “Lesson Preview” with the initial paragraph of text and quite a few other things…but no “Print Screen”!

Mystery solved! Thanks!!!

I’ve been able to copy the full text from the print page.

As mentioned below, print page does not appear as an option in all versions of the app. For example, it is not an option that is available in the iOS (Apple) version that I see on my ipad. But it is available to me when I’m using the version on my pc computer.

i wish the previous handy, obvious, easily-available way of getting full-text would be restored in all versions of the app! But it’s good to have this work-around in some environments in the meanwhile!