Access to deleted content?

This question is probably for administrators:

Is there any way to get access at a collection that was uploaded and then deleted by another user? I was in the middle of working my way through a collection (Chapter 17 of 50ish). However, now all of the lessons past 17 (the last one I was on) have disappeared. I assume that the original uploader decided he was done, and deleted the collection (but the system wouldn’t let him delete the ones that were already in my library).

Is there any way I can get those back without having to go through all the work of adding new content?

The collection in question: Jules Verne - Voyage au Centre de la Terre, uploaded by 3kingdoms from litteratureaudio


If a user deletes one of their shared lessons, you will actually see the following:

In this case, the user likely removed the lessons from the Library, but not necessarily from the site. This means that previously opened lessons in the collection will work, but you won’t be able to add any new lessons from the collection. If the uploader has said they don’t want it in the Library anymore, then we naturally want to respect that decision.

Maybe he did this because the audios are copyrighted?

I have not got around to upload chapters past #17. Since they have never been uploaded, they could not have disappeared.

That makes sense :slight_smile:

OK, I guess I was jumping to conclusions. :wink:

Then, is there any way that I can help upload the remaining lessons, while keeping it in the same collection?