Accents, umlauts, diacritics


Another suggestion: How about having a little drop-down menu for inserting accented/umlauted letters? For example, in the writing section, I think it’d be very convenient if we could just select a letter that is already accented or umlauted while we write. I’m sure everyone knows what I’m referring to…For those of you who are not sure what I mean…

You can check it out at Click on the bottom-left of the text window where it says “Special characters”. It’d be cool if the LingQ system could have something like this. Or if you check out this website: …You can see already umlauted characters to the right of the text bar that you can just click to get the umlauted characters you need.

Just a suggestion.

I simply use a different keyboard for each language when I type on the computer. I do not think we would spend our programming resources on features that are already available.

By different keyboard, do you mean by changing the language settings on your computer? I personally think it’d be more convenient to have some sort of menu to select letters with diacritics and accents instead of having to use Unicode number codes or use the Character Map that comes with Windows.

You are probably right that this would be more convenient but we are not going to spend time on this for quite a while. We have a long list of things we need to do first.


What I suggest you do is type in the Write section without Umlauts and then use the spell checker. This will usually enable you do add in all the accents, umlauts and cedillas you need.

Ah I see. Thanks Steve.