Above intermediate English Skype conversation

Hello people,

I’m currently living in Canada. I GUESS my English level is above intermediate (I might be wrong for sure but anyways). I would love to have a buddy to have ongoing Skype English conversations with.

I really appreciate if you correct me during the conversations or after we are done talking about my mistakes either in pronunciations or intonations or grammars or whatever ESPECIALLY if you are a native English speaker.

So hit me up, let’s chat for a while and see if our levels of English speaking click or not.

As you might have already noticed, the only other language I might be able to help you with is Farsi. I will be glad to do exchanges if you are interested in Farsi too.

My Skype ID is cedmonton and please let me know if you add me.


Hello again,
Sorry it seems like I can’t edit my posts. This is my prefered Skype ID: thebluesky84

hey, I would like to talk to you :slight_smile: I think that my English level is intermediate :slight_smile:

I’m in Mountain Canadian Time Zone. I will be able to chat in ABOUT 7 hours from the time this message is posted for like 5 hours or so (which basically means sometime in the afternoon after like 7Pm to about 1Am plus possibly all the day during weekdays).