About words of writing?

So on our profile it has a place where it says: lingQs created/ learned, Hours listened to, etc.
Well all of those seem pretty self explanatory, but I am wanting to know what the “words of writing” one means. Does it mean writing as in composition(like what I am doing now) in the target language or actual physical writing of words? For example, do you go to the Japanese forum and write a post, or do you write the word 赤い down on physical paper.


This refers to the writing (composition, poem, joke, etc etc) we submit to have it corrected by a tutor of our choice. The word count is automatically transferred into the statistics in that case.

I don’t think that you can manually add to it.

As SanneT suggests, writing in this sense usually means writing a complete and coherent sentence or set of sentences. The sentences can be as short or as long as you like. And you could, I suppose, write one word at a time. In any event, composing online and on real paper both count as writing.

@SanneT - “I don’t think that you can manually add to it.” You are working so hard on Cloze Tests that you have not noticed that you can, in fact, manually add to your writing totals.

Does this mean I can count the time I spend speaking with and writing to Skype friends who are not LinkQ tutors? I regularly exchange written lessons and speak with non-LingQ Skype friends.

Since I pay for speaking and writing, I have to limit my speaking and writing on LingQ. I have an unpredictable schedule, and since I was not an English teacher, I also don’t feel comfortable uploading content, tutoring, or correcting English for points.

@donhamiltontx Man lernt nie aus. We are in control! Thank you! If I were so inclined I could now really boost my statistics, couldn’t I?

@defrno It seems so. Since the statistics are there to keep you (and us) informed of your progress, it would make sense to bring everything together here on LingQ. Don’t follow my example: I keep forgetting to add event details.

Okay! Thanks! Basically whenever you writing something (letter,journal, post,etc.) you can count the amount of words that you wrote and add them to your stats(for lack of a better word). And of course if you submit something on LingQ to be corrected then it automatically adds it to your stats. Thanks for clearing this up for me!

@ SanneT: haha, yeah, once I lied about my statistics(made them way higher) because I wanted to see what would happen if I exceeded all the numbers besides my stats. I reset them to normal after I figured out that it didn’t do anything, though.

@defrno: Yeah, I would add all of your non-lingQ activities to here. A lot of the stuff that I do isn’t here at lingQ, but I add it in my stats. I get my writing corrected at another site so now I know that I can add my stats to here.

Thanks for all the feedback,