About the Tutor page

I have recently had a closer look at the new Tutor page (in a vain attempt to find a Portuguese tutor). However, there are a few points I don’t understand:

  1. why are many users listed as tutors even if they don’t appear in the Speak or Write page and you can’t send them a writing or sign up for a conversation from their profile page? I tried to request a conversation to a Portuguese tutor, but he hasn’t answered…
  2. it seems to me that, from the Tutor page, I can send a text or conversation request to many people who won’t correct the text or accept/reject my request. I wonder how useful this is…
  3. I don’t understand who “active tutors” are. I checked this box for Portuguese and only three unheard of Brazilian users were displayed.
    Can anyone explain these points to me?

(1) These are all the users who have selected tutoring options on their settings page. It includes all tutors, regardless of when they last logged in. The “Request Conversation” option appears for tutors with conversations on the Speak page**, and the “Send writing” options appears for tutors with an Activity Score greater than 0.
(2) There are tutors who still want to have conversations or correct writings but simply haven’t been active. If you are looking for active conversations, etc. within the LingQ platform, then Active Tutors is a more appropriate filter to enable.
(3) Active Tutors simply means tutors with an Activity Score greater than 0. It is used to help filter out those who likely haven’t done anything on the site in quite some time.

**the Request Conversation button shows for all tutors, not just those with active conversations

I should also mention that while this is the way it currently works, we are continuing to make refinements to this page and will address some of the issues raised here, primarily that of sending writing to inactive tutors.

Alex, I don’t understand point 1. There are only two tutors on the Speak page for Portuguese but from the Tutor page I can send a conversation request to a lot of them. Pity that just 2-3 % of them are Portuguese (and none of them are active). :frowning:

Apologies for the confusion – I’ve now edited this point, as I was mistaken.

Ok, I understand now.