About the 4 steps

Hello! I am glad that I am here. I have just finished 3 steps in meeting a tutor but I did something(i pressed a button) and those steps dissapear. Can you help me to bring that back? Thank you very much!

Ah, I don’t know how to get it back.

But the last step is inviting a friend via email: http://www.lingq.com/invite/referrals/

Perhaps if you simply complete the step, it’ll give you the reward automatically.

Thank you for the reply! I have invited some people but still no reward. I beg an administrator to help me with this problem.

Hi Dragos,

I’ve just checked into your account and it appears you haven’t yet completed all of the steps yet. Just to be clear, the steps are as follows:

  1. Listen to Steve’s Introduction to LingQ
  2. Complete the first lesson - LingQ 101, Getting Started
  3. Create at least 50 LingQs from new lessons.
  4. Invite your friends to LingQ

I think i found the problem. I can’t do all the tasks from LingQ 101, Getting Started because when I want to submit text for correction it does not submit because i dont have enough points to do that. What can I do?

You don’t need to do all the tasks within the lesson. The lessons is considered complete once you’ve read and LingQd at least once.

I did all the 4 steps and no reward. Please an administrator can give me more details?

@ Dragos1: Please, for once, ignore James123’s message: he is talking about different 4 steps, ie the ones that are shown in every lesson. He is right about nothing being compulsory in an ordinary lesson.

You are talking about the 4 steps which a ‘newbie’ can take in order to get 500 free points. Please read Alex’s post again: Have you done everything that has to be done before becoming eligible for the points?

I know you said you had invited your friends. Have you created at least 50 LingQs from other lessons etc etc?

Yes I did them all and nothing happened. I did not put hints for all the words,this may be a problem? I don’t know,it has to be something to get back the 4 steps. I really need those 500 free points. Thank you again for your attention.

Go back into the first of your lessons (ie. 101), check that you have pressed the BLUE LingQ’ed button.

Not creating any hints doesn’t make much sense. The hints help you to learn more effectively.

By blue button I mean also the “I know all” button.

He must have clicked the button because we can see the lesson in his activities, right?

Maybe instead of creating 50 LingQ I have to learn them using flash card,that is what I am doing right now,I hope it will work this time.

Dragos, have you invited people to the site through the Invite page (Login - LingQ)?

Actually i have invited 2 friends using my invitation link. They are both my refferals. What else can I do?

When you complete a lesson, do you simply exit or do you press the blue LingQ’d button, like what Sanne said?

I press the blue button LingQ whenever I finish to read the text. And as aybee77 said,that lesson appears in my activity.

I’ve just checked, and the Getting Started shelf works properly whether or not it is hidden.
For the first step, you must go to to Introduction to LingQ and listen to Steve’s introduction.
For the second you must click on “LingQ’d” on the LingQ 101, Getting Started lesson.
For the third, you must create 50 LingQs from new lessons.
For the fourth, you must invite your friends to LingQ (you can put their email addresses in the box at the bottom of the Invite page and click “Send Invitation”.

The system shows that you’ve missed one of these steps, so please go through them again and make sure you’ve followed them exactly.

Finally I got my 500 free points. The problem was the last step. If you invite friends using the invitation link it does not bring you points. After I have sent an email i received immediately the points. I hope that something will gonna change with that sistem of invitations.

Now I am wondering if I receive 200 points from my refferals. I have 3 of them,all invited using invitation link.(that personal link).