About Steve's question? (This text has been corrected)

About Steve’s question? »

I just spoke to Steve at noon in a one and one conversation in Spanish and in English. An idea has come to my mind. Why do I not use the vocabulary which has been written on my screen? Yes, Steve always writes the words which come from my mind, just before I express them to him. However, my words are corrected, so I am learning the good way to say what is in MY MIND! Furthermore, I use these words to write an opinion. I submit them for a correction. After that, I study my correction and I send this corrected text to the forum. I really think that it is a good way to improve the language I learn. Oh! I forgot to write something: all these steps of learning are motivating; I want to express myself correctly when I write on the forum, so the other won’t read mistakes! Now, I am asking Steve: Would it be a great motivation to correct our texts before sending them to the forum, if you give to the ones who do that, some points? We could also write in our titles that the text has been corrected! Thanks to have taken the time to read my opinion. Johanne


Yes it is important to import the Discussion Report and Writing Correction and save words from them.

People who want to write on the Forum can always submit their texts for correction before hand, but we cannot force them.

You can copy and paste and import texts from the Forum and study them in LingQ.

Gee, if I would proofread everything that I write in the forum I guess I would be ruined… rsss…
Johanne, I guess this way the forum would loose quite a bit of its dynamic nature.
For me, the best thing of writing so much as I do in the foruns is to force myself to express ideas in a somewhat fast way. It a kind of intermediate exercise, not so “on the spot” as it would be during speaking, but not so carefully as I do in writting submissions. Anyway, we are all language learners, I hope the readers of my posts forgive me for my errors…

I agree to Ana,
that what we write in the forum should be spontaneous and should be a promptly answer or comment.
Very often I see mistakes first after sending *grrr and for this I would like have an edit function.
Anyway they could be more mistakes in but I hope too that members forgive me :slight_smile:

I agree with Anapaula and Irene, I partecipate to Lingq to overcome my timidity in speaking and writing: I want to learn to use my knowledge…and to reach this result it needs to risk.

Let me say that I do not hesitate to write in languages where I know I am going to make mistakes. Mistakes are good!!!