About shared lesson and points

When I share my lessons, can I choose the one that get points or refuse to get points?
レッスンをシェアした場合に、ポイントを受け取らないということも、選択できますか? Thanks.

Administrator,could you please answer me this question immediately?
A few days ago, I sent an email to some company to get the permission of using their video as a Japanese lesson here on Ling.
They upload so funny animation video on youtube. And I got the reply from them yesterday. I got almost positive reply and also I’m asked that this system would make some money or not. I thought that earning points means making money even if it’s a few points.
So I need to confirm it.
Can I choose the way of “not get points” or “get points” when someone take my shared lesson?

You could try e-mailing them, support @ lingq . com

@chamy - The lessons are shared for free, people are not paying so I don’t think there should be any problem here. There is no way of sharing content and not receiving points however the points are more of a reward for sharing than a payment for the content so I don’t really think there’s a conflict.

@Yvette @Mark Someone gave me the link to the page of the forum where many members were talking about this matter. I was able to understand about this. Maybe it’s impossible to use their content, but I will ask the provider again. Thanks!

Chamy7, the company gave you permission to use their material provided that you do not profit monetarily from it. LingQ, and its content sharers (members) do not make money from the lessons in the library. As Mark stated, points, not cash, are distributed for lessons.

Except for Premium Lessons, all the content in the library is free for paying and nonpaying members. LingQ profits from paying members who opt to use all of the learning tools here. It is not always clear which content can be used: public domain, copyright-free, copyrighted material used with proper citation, copyrighted for non-commerical use, and/or copyrighted material used with permission. Your particular case falls into the last category. I think that you can share the material that you were given permission to use.

When sharing, properly cite your source by providing the name, the website address, and a note confirming that the material is being “used with permission” in the description box.