About making reservations


I have a question.
I’ve just sent a conversation request, but now I am lost.
Is the time shown in a tutor’s profile in his/her place?
Or in my place?

I think it’s in the tutor’s place.

…and my tutor might not have noticed my request, she didn’t call me on Skype.
Now I want to cancel my reservation and get my points back.
Would anybody show me how I can do all the procedure?

Thanks, ro03

Wow, so I have to calculate the time difference every time?
That will be a lot of work!
Then I definitely need to cancel the lesson.

I don’t know. But you can ask lingq support, by sending your question to support@lingq.com

No, it is the time in my place.
I have just found it out on my own.
My screen says “カンバセーションは既に始まっています。”

Well, this IS the Support Forum. :slight_smile:

If you send a conversation request, the tutor will receive an email and will see the request from their account. Points are only deducted if the tutor accepts the request.
You can’t cancel a request at the moment, but you can let the tutor know (through their wall) that you don’t want a conversation at that time.

If you signed up for a conversation from the Speak page, you can cancel your attendance up to 24 hours before the conversation starts. Just click the conversation at the top of the Speak page then click “Cancel Attendance”. If your tutor doesn’t show up at the right time, post a message on their wall asking either to reschedule it or to cancel the conversation for you.

Hope this answers any questions you may have!

No, you will not have to calculate the time difference. Because I think when you request a conversation in the time of your city, the tutor you choosed will receive the request in the time of his/her city.

I should add that all the times you see on LingQ are in your own time zone. These are adjusted for each user, so you don’t need to worry about doing any math :slight_smile:

Alex and Ro03

Thanks both of you.
I just got a call from my tutor right after she noticed my request.
I will review the system later.

The reason I got worried about the time display is just that I saw yesterday’s schedules on her profile. I don’t know why it was not latest info if it was shown in my time.

Yeah, I just realised that the times were for my time zone! haha You’re not the only one.


Glad to hear it, I was about to delete the whole thread in shame :stuck_out_tongue: