About "known words"

well, as far as i concerned lingq.com one of the best site with powerful and really enjoyable tool for learning language it still lacks one very important feature. when you read any text you definitely come across with proper nouns. how come that they are also counted? it’s nonsense, isn’t it? i read a text, mark some 20-30 names and surnames as known and - voila! - i already know 40-60 words. those definitely have nothing to do with real vocabulary, so i think it may be done this way: you can add one extra button when you put the cursor over a word - ‘Pr.Noun’ - and it won’t be marked in blue and also won’t increase your quantity of known words. i think it would be really good.

I think this is a good idea krnr. I doubt if we will implement it soon simply because of a lack of programming resources. In the meanwhile we simply have to recognize that the statistics represent a general order of magnitude, and are not that exact. I feel they still serve their purpose. Thanks for your kind words about LingQ.

surely, i understand the reasons, just thought that it might be a good idea to implement. i think you’ll agree that there’s no place to stop on your way to perfection :slight_smile:

all the best for ya!