About created content

I’ve just created my first content in Spanish to share with everyone. I’ve created two versions of the same lesson. The text is the same, but I’ve recorded one in a normal, “natural” speech for higher levels, and the other one in a slower speed for lower levels. Then I was wondering if there is some way to know how many people pick one or the other.
I mean, in the monthly point rewards, you can see the total of times that your content was selected, but is there any way to know it in detail? So how many people pick one lesson or another? It would be a nice way to know what students like or dislike in order to produce more lessons in one way or another! isn’t it?

You can see it at the overview off the import page.

Oh! That’s right! I figured that it should be a way to see it and, of course, there is. Thank you very much VeraI!!