About "Back-to-school special offer"

I have two questions about “Back-to-school special offer.”

  1. I bought the last offer (maybe offered at the beginning of this year), and there are a few months left for the offer.
    If I buy this “Back-to-school special offer,” will my expiration day be set on the day one year after the last offer ends?

  2. I applied for the one year plan for the BASIC course. If I buy the one for the PLUS course, will the PLUS plan start on the day when my last plan ends?

I would be very glad if you gave me answers for these questions.
Thank you in advance.


It’s certainly possible to change your membership level. From what I see, there are two main options: Either you can purchase the Plus then wait for the Basic to run out before the Plus applies, or you can pay for the Plus and get upgraded immediately, then once 12 months goes by we can revert you to Basic for the remaining months. Let us know which you would prefer!

Hi, Alex

Thank you for your answer!

I purchased 12-Month PLUS through PayPal just now.
I would be very glad if I could start my PLUS course immediately.

I really appreciate your help.

Naomi (nabo64)

OK, great. We’ll make sure to take care of everything for you!