About a new version of "Who is She?"

I know Albert (alsuvi) shared a European Spanish version of “Who is She?”. I would like to write a different version, too, because the official one often sounds unnatural to me. How much am I allowed to change?


It would be great to have another version of Who is She, especially if you can redo the recording with a few voices.

The translation, which would mean the other language versions of the lessons, is only meant as a guide, so your version can stray as much as you want, as long as the translation still more or less makes sense in so far as the story line is concerned.

Steve, of course I don’t want to completely change the story! :slight_smile: I would just change some lines to make them more natural.
On the other hand, I am not sure I can redo the recording with multiple voices. I will try to contact a few people, anyway.

By the way, how many voices are there in the series? I admit I have never read it all, but I may do so with the Polish version…

There is one male voice and three female voices, but one male and one female will do.

IMO it would be great to have some completely new storyline-courses at both beginner and intermediate level - maybe something along the lines of a detective story, or something which would otherwise motivate folks to keep up their interest…

Polish version is ready here:


I am already studying the Polish version, it’s very good. (By the way, I noticed you inserted the English translation as a Note, but there is a specific field called Translation. I have already moved a few of those notes to the Translation field and added translations in a few other languages. I hope you don’t mind.)

it would be great to have some completely new storyline

good idea!!

Where are all the talented story writer?


It would be great to have some new easy stories which our community could translate and record in other languages,

I am already quite busy with “Un italiano a Sofia”, but I could translate and record a story written by someone else.

I reckon we should write some stories about Vancouver private eye, Steve Steel, and his battles against the international fraudster ‘Dublin Benny’ and his skinhead sidekick ‘The Clunkfist’…

(I’m only half joking…! :-0)

I actually started something for beginners when I first started lingq, that was as easy as Who Is She, but had a spy/thriller bent called “Intrigue”. Maybe now that I’m back in the US and I can find native speakers easier I’ll dig that up.

I’ve already begun a new story which is meant to be simpler and easier than Who is She? It’s called, Where is She? and I’m making cartoons for the lessons too. It’s here: Login - LingQ

I hope it will turn out to be an interesting story for Beginners. I had one person comment on YouTube asking if it was going to be available in other languages.

Uhm, I don’t know if it would work in Italian… Some features would be lost in the translation process. For example, we have no equivalent of “yes, I DO” and we have no neutral equivalent of “friend” that can need the explanation “my friend is a girl”.

I have already translated 14 lessons of “Who is She” but I am still looking for at least one Italian female voice. Anyone out there?

Good points, Mr. Bond! Languages don’t all work the same way so they shouldn’t be translated for the purpose of language learning. Learn the language from the language itself, not a translation. That’s my point of view.

I like the cartoon from the new lesson!!

Thanks a lot!


@ Mike: as one of the characters in the last couple of episodes is a foreigner who has learnt the respective language via LingQ, you could always use an advanced student for the role: how good is @jolanda’s Italian?

Nein ,nein liebe Sanne!
Das muss eine Mutersprachlerin sein!!!

Doch, doch, doch! Du wärst doch eine gute Reklame für LingQ!