Ability to share Youtube videos without subtitles

Hi LingQ Team
I have noticed that pasting Euronews in Portuguese URL to ‘Resource tab Video+English’ field means that the video is only visible to other native ‘English’ users, so for example, if a ‘Czech’ user viewing this 'shared/public lesson will access the lesson ok, but will not be able to view the video, nor will anybody else who is not an ‘English’ user.
I found this when i pasted a link (for youtube video) to the ‘Czech’ videos resources tab by mistake, and initially wondered why when I opened the Lesson I could not view the actual video that I had just pasted.
So I assume if you want to ‘Share’ a Lesson with Youtube video (which does not have subtitles and isn’t directly importable), then you would have to paste that link to ‘every’ single available language slot in resources tab so that ‘any’ other (non-English) user could potentially view it … (not practical at all) - Is there an ‘All’ option available perhaps … ???
I tried alternative method to see if I could get round this by pasting the youtube URL at the ‘Source URL’ also, in different formats/syntax etc, but just could not get it to work at all. Also searched some previous community comments regarding this but solutions seemed directed to same language resource, and not explicitly stated it was in regard to ‘sharing’ material.
Please could you advise if there’s a workaround for this, or can offer any further feedback … :slight_smile:

Hi Frank,
That sounds strange. Are you saying that if you import a video with, for example, English subtitles under English slot, other users learning English can’t see/access the lesson, even if it’s shared? Or they just can’t see the video?

Hi Zoran
(Videos without Subtitles)
For example, I am usually adding a Euronews in Portuguese video link, either direct from article (copying link from video by right click) or using video which is also published on Youtube as well (on any lesson) and pasting to the Resources tab for Video+English and I can see that video ok when I open the lesson and the video launches ok.
The Portuguese Euronews videos never have subtitles, but the article itself (text + audio) is brought in successfully via Quick Import function. (Btw, I personally find the video consolidates multi-sensory learning).
When trying to paste the video link, I accidentally went too fast and clicked Video+Czech on the resource tab (my mistake as I thought I had selected Video+English), then when I saved and opened the lesson there was no video available there at all … !!!
So, my assumption is that if you share /make public a video as I have done on following course link further below on Video+English, then it is only available/visible to ‘English’ users (or those who have selected English on their User Profile.
Do you agree with this explanation?
I understand that you cannot use Source URL for any video without subtitles - no problem with that.
Therefore my question is, if you want to share a video (no subtitles) with all otherLingQ users (regardless of whichever language they are studying) who have not selected English on their profile, do I have to paste a video in every language on Video+Language slots, or is there a ‘workaround’?
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(all these lessons have Portuguese video attached to Video+English)
Apologies for any confusion and hope this helps clarify my question.

Hi Zoran


Have been going through different attempts to find a workaround, and I think I have discovered something that works - which did not occur to me before …

I have pasted the Portuguese Euronews video link into the Video+Portuguese Resource tab and I can see the video working fine, so apologies, the error looks to have been mine, - I should not have put it to the Video+English, although intuitively it worked for me.

As long as the Video+Language Resource tab matches the Lesson language, then when ‘Shared’, all other Users can see the video (if they want to).

If you could verify that for me please, and any further feedback appreciated … :slight_smile:

Many thanks

Course now updated → World News - Euronews in Portuguese :slight_smile:
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Youtube links now pasted to Resources tab on Video+Portuguese to enable viewing by any users.
Best regards, FrankG

Perfect, I can confirm video shows up properly. :slight_smile:

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