A Year And A Half On LingQ

I still remember when I first signed up to LingQ in a rainy evening of November 2009, willing to learn Spanish, dreaming the sun and the vibe of Spain, determined not to resort to traditional language schools. Now that my Spanish is fluent, and the learning curve is not so steep as before, I decided to start learning German.

And I must confess LingQ has changed considerably since then, and now learning a language here is a whole lot more effective and enjoyable. In this year and a half of membership, I’ve seen upgrades that have made LingQ an excellent product.

I can recall dozens upon dozens of upgrades: tutoring opened to everyone, the import bookmarklet, the iphone app, the lingqcentral blogs, the new library interface, the new flashcard interface, the import/export vocabulary function, the new lesson page interface (with quick lingqing, resources, bookmarks, new audio player and so much more useful tweaks), the new profile page, the new friends page, the motivating avatar…

…and the list just goes on infinitely. But what truly I enjoyed was the community, positive people who know they are studying whatever language in the best possible way; my students, who are extremely motivated and have thanked me now and then for my lessons in the library, which was the least I could do for them; and then my collaboration with the admins, for example when I translated part of the website and Steve’s book.

That’s why I simply love LingQ, no matter how much it costs. I like when Steve says you cannot expect something to be free just because it is on the internet. One must invest money, otherwise projects like LingQ would never be possible. I will remain, perhaps for life, a proud and loyal member of this community.

Also the freedom you have on LingQ is great! You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do!

Thanks Adalberto for your great support and enthusiasm! We will to continue making LingQ better and better!

I wish that all English speaking 18 year olds in Canada could express themselves as well in English as Adalberto does, let alone speak other languages.

Steve, you flatter me!

I’m very pleased to see an increasing(?) number of teenagers active on LingQ. I point them out to whoaholic saying: “See, not every teenager in the world is content with monolingualism, and some of these guys probably have rubbish language teachers at their school too!”

@James123 said:
"Also the freedom you have on LingQ is great! You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do! "

whoaholic still has to make his bed and clean his hamster out though.

I have to agree with you skyblueteapot that it is great seeing other teenagers active on LingQ. Unfortunately most of my classmates are so put off by the language system in schools that they will not try it out. Yet those who do, usually relish the opportunity to learn languages in such a fun and autonomous way. Most of my friends hate monolingualism as much as the rest of us LingQers :slight_smile:

I bet it’s nice to hear a “you guys are great” sometimes, rather than a “the avatar ruined my life!!” every now and then…

All comments are welcome Chris and sometimes. although not always, the people who criticize are also some of our biggest supporters and contributors and most active learners.

Still nice though I would think…


Adalbertolito is right that there have been many upgrades recently. But the upgrade that I suspect most people would like to see is a function which would allow users to add and share content in new languages.

Over the last year or so, I have managed to find, edit and upload several hours worth of content in existing languages. While doing this I have noticed that there is also lot of stuff out there for many other languages too: Polish, Hungarian, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Esperanto…the list goes on…

Of course there are some of us who don’t have the time (and money) to be as active at LingQ as we might like. But if we all worked together - here a little, there a little - I’m sure we could soon have quite a large amount of stuff uploaded - if only there were the functionality to allow this.

I appreciate that there are probably some complex software issues to achieving this. But IMO it is a really important upgrade - one which would be a real giant leap forward for this site.

While we’re on the subject, I think it would also be good if there were an upgrade so that we could add video content to LingQ’s library. There is, as I’m sure we all know, a lot of very interesting stuff on Youtube.

For example Steve would just love something like this:


You can add videos when you add a lesson. Simply go to the Resources section at the bottom of the Import Lesson page. The video shows up in the tabbed window on the right of the lesson page under Resources. We are now working on a way to make these Resources appear more prominently on the lesson page.

Thanks Mark. :slight_smile:

Actually, my last post was partly in jest. (I figured that Steve probably wouldn’t be exactly over the moon to see Communist rantings in the Welsh language uploaded to the library at LingQ…!?)

However my earlier post was 100% serious - I think it would be a really brilliant update if LingQers were given a way of uploading and sharing content in new languages.

@JayB - The video sounds really great… :slight_smile:

The addition of multiple languages is coming sometime in the next six months. We still haven’t figured out exactly how it will work but we hope it should resolve the issue you are talking about.