A weird error

Hi Alex and Mark :D,

I have for a long time noticed a weird error when I use the LingQ reading interface on my work computer. I am using Firefox 20.0 and my OS is kubuntu. I noticed that sometimes, I was unable to make spaces when I type in the hints for LingQs and when this happened I was not able to type in the letter ‘l’ (strangely enough I can type everything else, just not ‘l’). This could always be fixed with a quick refresh.

I have just worked out what causes this to happen. When I open the reading interface, this never happens. This happens only after I have open the flashcards (and only the flashcards; the Dictation, Multiple Choice,… do not cause this problem). This is not a problem for me, but I figured you might want to know about it.

@ColinPhilipJohnstone - Thanks for reporting this. The issue stems from the “space” and “L” keys being used as keyboard shortcuts when studying flashcards. “space” will flip the card and “L” will mark it as correct.

I’ll add this to our list, but as it isn’t a high priority issue (and now you know what causes it), it might be some time before it is fixed.

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I didn’t think of that.

@CpJ - This will be fixed in our next update sometime in the next few weeks. Thanks for letting us know!

Great! It is not much of a problem, but good to get fixed. Since I usually turn the auto-scroll off in the reading interface, I also noticed that when I refresh the screen, the auto-scroll is turned back on, but the little box at the top-right of the text is not ticked and I need to tick it and then untick it again to turn the auto-scroll off. This is also not much of a problem.

Don’t worry about my previous post. This has been fixed it would seem with the recent update that you mentioned in your post earlier. Thanks.