A website that where people can create and share transcripts?

Most of us have heard of Rhinospike, where people will make recordings of written material and share them… but does anyone know of a website that where people can create and share transcripts?

I am watching lots of Japanese kids’ videos with my son (who is a mix of Japanese and Canadian) and I want to be able to study the transcripts of what I am watching. But it is too time consuming for me at this point to transcribe them myself.

Even a good reliable paid transcription service for this kind of thing would be good.

I’m sure I’ve seen a site where people share film subtitles. Try googling name of film + “subtitles”?

I know subtitles and transcripts aren’t the same thing, but it might be a start.

I don’t know such website where people can create and share transcripts. However you can find the websites who offer a transcription work as a professional. Try to search テープ起こし 日本語. There are a lot of companies which offer the wide range prices and service for mainly for business. One company offers 200 yen per minute for transcription.

I’m just wondering why you don’t ask your wife to transcribe it. You want to change the power balance in your family. (grin) How about waiting for your son’s growth? He will transcribe it for you. (joke)

Here is my offer. I’d happy to transcribe some of your Japanese kid’s videos. (not all) I don’t know how much time it or how much work it, but I’ll be able to do it easily because I’m Japanese native.
In return, could you please check my dictations some of my favorite Canadian radio broadcasting? I can understand most of it, but sometimes it’s difficult for me to transcribe it, because they speak very fast and I have no knowledge of local area. The name of the radio station is News1130 and VOA.

Lastly, you are very popular English tutor among Japanese members here at LingQ. If you ask them to transcribe a Japanese kids video in the open forum in Japanese, I think some members will help you.

“…why you don’t ask your wife to transcribe it.”

She’s busier than I am :slight_smile:

Thanks for your kind offer:

This youtube channel


has all the videos I am looking at. If you want to send me something to check, please contact me via Skype. Maybe we can exchange minute per minute. Each of the kikansha thomas (Japanese Thomas the Tank Engine) videos is about 7.5 minutes. So I can do a similar length of your dictations

Or maybe it is more fair for 1 transcript minute for every 2 minutes of checking dictation?

I watched one video. Now I’m listening to it again and transcribing it. It’s not hard work, but not fun. Three minutes remains.

Thanks. I am wondering if it would be ok to just post it here, with a link to the video. That way others can use it if necessary (no need to worry about copyright on a forum). Maybe I can do the same with the corrected version of your dictation, if it contains a link.

Hi Ed,

My son was crazy about Thomas the tank when he was two years old.
At that time we were using VCR and my son who wanted to watch the show repeatedly got crazy while rewinding the tape.
He shouted “焼き飯 いや!”
He somehow mistook the word 巻き戻し with 焼き飯…
Do makimodoshi and yakimeshi sound alike?

I maybe still able to recite almost all of the Thomas the tank engine characters!!

I can try transcription while watching this with my 2 y/o daughter and nephew :slight_smile:
Which episode would you like first?

I finished to transcribe the first video スムーズにはしる of きかんしゃトーマスシリーズ. I’ll try the next one titled ゆうかんなトーマス.

Please try to do a title except the above episodes.

@Nobuo san

OK… except those two episodes. Thank you!
Anyway, I’ll do the transcription only when Ed let me know his favorite :slight_smile:

@dooo How do copyrights work in regards to forums?