A way to play with words

Hi Everybody,

I used below trick to learn, memorize, excercise, learn and practice new or known english words. You can also use this technique to play with words in your free time :

  1. Choose a long word (can be 6 to 12 characters long).
  2. If you do not know the meaning of that word, find out the meaning.
  3. Then try to make other short words using the alphabets of that words. If any alphabets appear only once in the spelling, you can use only once that alphabet in your new word. Make as many word as you can.

i.e. I choose the word Enthusiastic, this is 12 character long word. Now using the alphabets of this word (e,n,t,h,u,s,i,a,s,t,i,c) I can make below possible other words.

Enthusiast East Can Cane Neat
Just Test Sun Hit Tenth
The Act Use Hut Taste
Ant Nest Hat Heat Inch
Thus Tent Net Tin Unit
Cat Ass Set Hint Shut
State This Cast Ash Cut
Then Eat Sat Ice Nut
Hen Ate Sit Hunt Than
Ten Sent Seat Shit His

Let’s have a fun and try out this with friends…