A way to build our own flashcards

I know some dont like them. There are no good apps/resources to (easily) build flashcards. They are time consuming, BUT, on Lingq we already have all our lingqs! I wish there were a way we can checkmark them and build flashcard decks!
I think if this option were available, my progress would be MUCH higher as everytime I see a phrase that I know I will use regularly, BAM, I drop into my flashcard deck and reveiw on a Spaced Repition schedule. The vocab review feature here is so random, and once we have hundreds/thousands of phrases/words, they show up randomly regardless of how we filter them. There seems to be little organization in this.


Brilliant idea. I second it.

Good news. I think the fulfillment of your wish is already built into the system. Look into the tag words feature. For example, I have trouble remembering some of the easiest and most common phrases in Italian such as “as long as” “until when” “even if,” etc. I recently learned I could tag these words–which I do now with a “p” for “pesky”–and review them separately from the usual review process. I believe you can have unlimited tags so you could really customize the way you review.

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Sounds good, willl look at this, thanks!

Once I make tags do you know where to review them? I dont see it. (btw, you cant make tags, sadly, in the review section, only when you encounter them in a lesson)

You should be able to do all of these things on the Vocabulary page. You can edit LingQs there to add tags. You can then filter by these tags to refine your list which you can then review. You can even use the SRS Due tab to filter out only those words due for review in our SRS system.