A warning to all American members at LingQ

There will be consequences should the US team beat Canada today in “our game”. None of you will be able to escape your complicity in such a dastardly deed.

I meant the consequences of your complicity. I mean a whole nation that has been pumping itself up for two weeks would suddenly come crashing to the ground. You cannot do this to us!

I am getting a little neurotic.

Steve, I am from Spain, but of course I support the canadian team

Right now I am flying a canadian flag…

(Sorry guys, I have to protect my future about learning languages)

it is just hockey, just one of many forms of sport, even on Olympics, do not overdo its significance

Stop it. LingQ appeals to serious people.

I believe that it was Heraclites who said that we must approach learning with the seriousness of the child at play.

Let me assure you I am serious. Oscar will be protected. I will also support Spain in the World Cup of soccer.

On the other hand, I heard Ilya admit to me in a weak moment that he supported the Russian team when they played Canada. I am considering various options as to what his punishment will be.

I am sure that if all Canadian LingQ members upgraded to plus or premium membership the positive effect on the nation’s morale would result in improved Canadian performance in the Games ;-D

Perhaps Citizenship and Immigration Canada will lose my documents again

But if Canada wins, they will celebrate and won’t work for a month…

Ilya, please do not mention the bloated and inefficient Canadian bureaucracy at LingQ. You are spoiling my Sunday.

I would gladly see Canada lose at hockey if we could reduce the number of our bureaucrats to half of their present number, and from that point continue to whittle them down to where they should be.

It’s funny because it’s about the same number of people in Canada and the US who play/watch hockey (of course percentage wise, it is Canada’s game) but I’m having trouble finding a bar or restaurant here in Vegas that will play the game with the sound on! I’ll figure something out… Go USA!

How nice would it be to beat Canada at its sport today, then in June beat England at it’s sport on the second day of the World Cup… Oh how nice a year it would be :slight_smile:

I’m actually going for Canada to win this. It would be nice if the host nation, the creators of the sport, won a gold in their sport. But then if we win, I am going to be scared to see what the Canadians will do.

I’m watching and it’s a great game so far! May the best team win!

sorry for this… GO TEAM USA!!! :wink: :slight_smile: LET THE BEST TEAM WIN!!!

Now see, I clicked on this topic, thinking it was something serious. Stupid hockey, I didn’t know people actually cared about that stupid game. Whenever I happen to catch a clip on tv, all I see are people punching each other. And although I know nothing about hockey, I can talk trash and say that that the US will win, without a doubt. LOL.

фиг Вам, Lilyflor ! :slight_smile:

фиг Вам! The pleasure of watching a hockey, when you support a team, is emotion. Objectiveness may wait. Last term comes.

2nd period: Canada 2 -USA 1

but with the exchange rate I think it is actually 1-1 :slight_smile:

2 -2


GO Canada- silver is just mirror to see who lost the gold.

An exciting game to be sure. Once Canada stopped attacking and started just trying to defend their lead, it felt it was just a matter of time before the US scored. Now it is all down to one period. Now it is sudden death so both teams have to go on the attack and try to score. Anyone can win.

I just want to point out that regardless of who wins, LingQ will continue. If the US wins I may have to change my icon here at LingQ. No more smiling face!!!

I pick Crosby to score for Canada… if it’s the USA, Rafalski.