A thread seems to disappear

I remember contributing to the thread on accents started by anna-paula about two days ago. Interestingly, I could not spot this thread any more on any English forum. (I don’t remember which English forum the thread belonged when I saw it).

Hi, Ilya
Sorry, it was my fault, since I posted it in the wrong forum. I’ve noticed that when the discussion has already gone too far…
That thread is here: Login - LingQ

I had reported that I could not spot the thread and then ana-paula said it was her fault. Since then I was more observant and concluded that it was hardly her fault.

It is not just one thread, it is the whole LingQ Forum/EnglishLingQ forum that disappears from the list of the forums that we see when we choose the tab “Forum” from the LingQ main menu.

Under this tab, I more often than not see only 5 English forums (excluding the first forum called "Ask your tutor). To see the 6-th, the LingQ Forum/EnglishLingQ forum, I need to copy that url into the address bar of my browser:


which ana-paula kindly gave to me. Since then I would be able to see the LingQ Forum/EnglishLingQ forum for only about a 1.5-2 days. After that period the forum would disapear from the list of the forums that I can see. I will have to copy that url again into my browser to get the forum back again. Reloading my browser (Firefox) and even restarting the computer seems to have no clear effect on that behavior.

May be some other people also see more and some see less forums or threads than than me? How many are we supposed to see?

Actually, the EnglishLingQ forum can only be accessed when you have English selected as your target language. I realize now that this is confusing as this forum tends to get lost. We will look at changing this. Our reasoning was that anyone interested in EnglishLingQ would be studying English. What we didn’t realize is that they would be studying other languages as well and not always be in English when they wanted to comment on the EnglishLingQ forum.

Because we intend to add PortugueseLingQ, JapaneseLingQ, FrenchLingQ etc. forums, we didn’t want to clutter up the Forum List with all of these forums. We plan on only showing these podcast forums in the language of study. We will try and figure out some kind of compromise.

In the meantime, Ilya, just switch your target language to English and you will find the EnglishLingQ Forum every time.

Thank you Mark. Now I know the statistics of mow I switches to Spanish.

And also the statistics of my typos. There is a good phrase in Russian that could be with many losses translated into English approx. like that “sorry for my types” (“prostite za ochepyatki”).