A text a day keeps boredom at bay

Motivated by MissTake’s wonderful initiative to provide a daily text whenever possible, I have shared a little text in the English library. It is aimed at learners who have left the Beginners’ stages behind and don’t have time to read a lot.

I’d be grateful for topic suggestions: but no nuclear physics or brain surgery, please. I’ll have to pass.


Hello MissTake Mmmm, you may have a point. I find it quite appealing to be praised by someone with your appeal. Your appeal for more lessons will appeal to a lot of people here, I am quite sure. Seriously though, thank you.

I hope you all are hammering away at your keyboards to get your daily text into the respective libraries! Good luck! I am looking forward to French, Spanish and, perhaps, Swedish texts. Am not sure whether I’m good enough yet for Swedish texts of this sort. Here’s my second one:


MissTake, Serge and I are still enjoying ourselves and I have already written and recorded today’s contribution. I’ll go and check the French library tonight. What about you?