A strange experience on someone else's profile page

If you click someone’s username on the forum pages, it will lead you to his/her profile page. You will notice that many new members do not add any descriptions about themselves on the page. Under the Avatar section, you can see whom they are following. Some of them are not following anybody. There is a phrase “View All”. If you click it, you will notice something is wrong with the results.

What you will find there is a one-page list of twelve friends of yours. The title of the page is “User Search Results”. (I have 82 friends, but the list shows only twelve of them. )

You might wonder what “View All” on someone else’s page means. (Of course, this seems to be a minor issue as compared with other more serious ones, and I am not much interested in who is following whom.)

You are correct, something does seems to be wrong with the “View All” results. I’ll investigate this and we will get it fixed.

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Thank you for your reply, Zoran.