A Source of Crime Guns

“Since 1992, more than 2,500 guns recovered by police and tied to crimes in the Washington area have been traced back to their original sale at Realco Guns in Forestville, Md. The total is four times that of the dealer with the next highest number of gun traces.” http://wapo.st/cmMnta

What do you think of this description? If you happen to believe in laissez-faire economy, do you really think that there should be no “government” intervention on the gun market?

Yutaka, laissez-faire does not mean an absence of gov’t and rules. It means a free market in all legal products. What is legal is determined by governments, reflecting the wishes of the voters. Laissez-faire means that the government does not impose prices or wages, nor subsidize its favourites, nor impose unnecessary regulations, requirements for permits etc. other than those that are required for safety, health, ecology, etc. It means that the government creates conditions whereby private individuals and enterprises, rather than government, are recognized as the prime creators of wealth, and allowed and encouraged to do so, as much as possible.

I think that what you described is not “laissez-faire” economy but a “mixed” economy.

Who is truly for unbridled laissez-faire capitalism? I think that train of thought died with the great depression.

I should have posted this on another forum, Open Forum in English. It goes without saying that LingQ is not responsible for any crime-guns. I am very sorry.

Don’t worry, you have not shot yourself in the foot, I think not many people look at the name of the forum they’re reading…

The expression “shooting oneself in the foot” is interesting. I suppose it translates as “墓穴を掘る” in Japanese, which literally means digging one’s grave. “墓穴” means grave, and “掘る” means digging.

bo-ke-tu wo horu.


I hope that Realco Guns is shooting itself in the foot, or digging its grave.

Or should we expect the invisible hand of God?

In English we have both phrases “shooting yourself in the foot” and “digging your own grave”