A Review Of My 90 Day Challenge for the (Spanish Language)

yeah, I just wrote it in word and edited it in word with all the paragraph breaks and everything. Then copy and pasted it into the text box and submitted it… Probably should have just wrote it in the text box to begin with. !

Hey, Thanks !! Yeah my obsessive desire to understand every word and increase my vocabulary quickly , caused me to start looking up each word and trying to remember it. While I do think there was a little bit of good in that, the time it takes is probably not worth it, those are precious hours that could be used elsewhere like reading more perhaps… And yeah eventually speaking more is a most! listening, reading and writing will only take you so far, but in the early stages of learning I enjoy doing the more input based activities… And yes learning a language is not easy, its a long long journey especially to complete fluency. But find a way to make Spanish a part of your life, doing things you enjoy, and little by little you’ll get a lot better. Aim for around 25,000 words for a advance solid vocabulary. Everything after that are words which are used less often ! And no more rest days ! hahaha

" I also think this depends on your level. Less than 5k words, not so important. Greater than 10k words etc, very powerful."

As I read your post I agreed but i’m glad you added that part at the end above.

In the early stages without a big vocabulary its almost impossible to guess some of these words. And some of those words are crucial to understanding what is happening in the reading. I like that LingQ gives you a quick reference to the definition of those words so you no longer have to look them up yourself. That’s also why I think building your known words here to around 22,000 words or so (at least for romantic languages) first and then venturing off into hard cover books on your own is more effective than the vice versa way of doing that. Also In my experience I think that about 22,000 words or greater is a lot better base to have for inferring the meaning of words.

Thanks so much for your comment. It’s always nice to hear others opinions and methods on language learning! :slight_smile:

Hey thanks, During this challenge I mainly used LingQ for Reading/listening to different lessons. But also I must add, Before I started this challenge I already had a mid to high intermediate level in Spanish. I already had a strong foundation in this language so I used LingQ to read more and track my progress. I also read a Spanish novel I bought outside of LingQ, and I read Spanish articles on yahoo espanol. I listened to Spanish talk radio through the tunein radio app. listened to Spanish music and watched Spanish T.V. I wrote in Spanish, translated different articles into Spanish. used Spanish grammar rules in my writing. I spoke with spanish native through sharedtalk and Skype. I used lingQ also to review my vocabulary.

Basically I used LingQ as a way to read/listen at the same time more. and also reinforce my vocabulary… But before I had a mid to high intermediate level in Spanish I used my old college textbook “vistas” to learn grammar and work through the online workbook… At least in my experience thus far, LingQ really helps more after you have a somewhat good foundation in the language already. Hope that helps some.

Intressant läsning, riktigt skoj att du delade med dig utav erfarenheterna dina. Alltid givande med en inblick i andras “språkresa”. Nu får du fira och sen sikta mot nya mål!

Tack sa mycket !, Jag verkligen njuta dela sprakinlarningsmetoder med andra. Jag hoppas att forbattra min svenska nu !