A reuquest

Ok,here’s my story:The restaurant in my hotel request the engineering department to install a light for their store room,also two sockets for the refrigrators where near the store entrance.There’s one for red wine,and one for white.I tried to put this thing in a work order,but then I was told it didn’t really fit,the work oder can only be used as if there’s thing damaged, a refurbishment or some equipment need to be changed.Well ,the engineering guy told me to write a “report” rather than put some simple words to the work oder.But i had never in my life write the stuff like this.
Here gose mine,too pale in the vocabulary,and it’s just too simple,not really like I am writing a report.

Title I wrote :
Application(I thougt application is much more fit compared with a reportXXXX)
Contents I wrote:
Acqua restaurant is going to be opened on March 10th,in this situation we would like to request install :

  1. Illuminating system, minmum one light in the store room
    2.Safe electricity sockes ,minmum two for wine cooler supply.
    Thank you very much!
    Finish part I wrote :
    Applied by: Manager signed with his signature.

I bet there’s ton of mistakes in there,and I really like to make this look professional,meaning in way of formal and precise.So,If you guys can give me some suggestions that would be great help.