A request regarding the number of Flashcards that learners can choose

Now learners can select only 25, 50, 75, and 100 at pull-down menu of display in vocabulary page of LingQ. Could you please add 5 and 10 as well, if possible?

I usually do the following to increase my vocabulary. It is no big deal. There is no secret or no magic shortcut.

  1. Importing interesting articles or books into LingQ
  2. LingQing words or phrases that I want to understand and use on my own in the future
  3. Reviewing vocabulary by using Flashcards at LingQ

This method of using a self-made vocabulary list is more efficient and effective at least for me than clamming vocabulary into my head by using commercially-available word lists (There are tons of word books of English in Japan as Steve knows).

Yet, to tell the truth, reviewing vocabulary by Flashcards in front of my computer for quite a long time is not that interesting to me (Sorry for being lazy. It takes me about 15 to 20 minutes to review and read example sentences of 25 words or phrases which mean flipping 50 Flashcards at LingQ). I prefer to separate my vocabulary-reviewing time into 5 to 10 minutes sessions. I want to read sentences and lingQ words and phrases if I have a good amount of time when I can sit in front of my PC. If I can choose 5 or 10 words or phrases, I can review them by using my android cell phone during a few minutes dead time like waiting for the train or people. I think that these small pieces of reviewing-time every day will lead to unbelievable amount of vocabulary.

Thanks for the suggestion. We aren’t likely to add this, but what I do if I’m short on time is I just go through the flashcards without bothering to mark them right or wrong. This gives me the extra review, then when I get some proper time, I just go on my computer and increase the status of these words/phrases.

I think the greatest challenge of the the LingQ way for me is seeing the sense of satisfaction in “nailing something down” as a false friend. Learning to whiz through flashcards without trying to consciously learn them ie by guessing the meaning, searching my brain etc is a sign that you have lost the addiction to mastery.

Yes Ed, this is one of the biggest problems we have at LIngQ, and I believe one of the biggest problems of not so proficient language learners, the desire to nail things down.

I have started into Czech and am quite comfortable at letting the language come at me, without worrying about nailing down words, word endings, or even the meaning. I know from experience that things will fall into place with enough exposure. People who have not done this before cannot imainge just floating through the process. A bit like swimming perhaps. If you have never swum before, you will not trust the water.

Hi Alex. Thank you very much for your quick reply as always. It is a pity that my request will not realize. At any rate, I will enjoy learning English in my own way by using LingQ system. Now LingQ is a pacemaker of my English learning.