A Quick Import bug: All spaces get croped around links in the original text

When quick importing texts they get imported with links inside them. If there are several words in a link, it prevents from lingqing separate words inside the link.

So, I normally edit the text to get rid of links in it, but then (already in the edit field) all spaces around the words where links were get cropped.

I’m not sure if I entirely understand the issue here. What do you mean when you say the spaces get cropped?

Are deleted.

For instance,

“Die Deutschmeister ist einWiener Film mit Romy Schneider, der die Entstehung desDeutschmeister-Regimentsmarsches vonWilhelm August Jurek erzählt. Uraufführung war am 8. November 1955 in derLichtburg in Essen.”

is such a line you get in the edit field if “Wiener Film”, “Deutschmeister-Regimentsmarsches”, “Wilhelm August” and “Lichtburg” were links in the original text.

Ah, I see what you mean. We’ll take a closer look at this and see what’s going on.