A Question that's bothering me!

Is there a word in English that describes, a child lovingly asking her parents for something continuously? (insist is more like demanding forcefully, want to know if there is some word with the same meaning but in positive sense)

to beg (verb)

How about plead?

coax? Coax Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.com. COAX Synonyms: 47 Synonyms & Antonyms for COAX | Thesaurus.com

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A child wouldn’t use these words, but an adult might describe a child asking with these words: implore, beseech, or entreat. dhopperman’s “beg” is a good word that a child would use, “ask” is another. Also if the child has already made the request they might repeatedly say “Please, please, please?” or “Can I, can I, can I?” or “May I, may I, may I?” I’m not sure these qualify as “loving” depending on the tone of voice.

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Pretty please?!

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More verbs to add to the list: cajole, coax, wheedle

I think Coax suits the best for the situation among all the suggestions made.
Thank you everyone!

Hello, thank you a lot.

Coax implies the person is successful at getting what s/he wanted. The original question didn’t include that meaning.

Do you have better suggestion? A word to describe, a child LOVINGLY, PERSISTENTLY ASKING her parents for SOMETHING?

In Russian it is called почемучка. My vocabulay gives the following translations:
child at the age of how’s and why’s
why-boy (or why-girl)