A question for the Chinese learners here

Do you get paid every time you advertise importing something from Viki into LingQ? :wink:

I wish Rakuten gave me $

The not so good thing about Viki is that in several shows I have watched so far, the first 5-10 episodes were with Chinese subtitles and the rest only had English subtitles. This is great if you want to understand the show, but not so great if you want to study Chinese and import the transcript (=Chinese subtitles). I know this is complaining at a high level, but it was still annoying: After all, my focus was not to watch the show, but to study Chinese.

I have not. I don’t watch many shows in any language, but if I need a change pace I’ll give it a try.

Edwin, what happened to your plan to go to Kunming? I could imagine coronavirus has forced you to change your plans (?)

Hey mate,

My plan is still the same as long as the Chinese and Canadian governments both let me leave on my already-purchased flight on May 29th! :slight_smile:

Nothing will stop me from going to China unless I physically can’t. I’ll let you guys know if that happens.

Hi Edwin, I somehow do not seem to be able to reply to your post about still going to Keats directly. Yes, keep us updated and we wish you all the best and a hassle-free time in Kunming. Is Keats still open?

I got in contact with Keats today, and they said so far foreigners are still able to get visas to China without any trouble, according to their anecdotal evidence.

Apparently though, foreigners now coming into China must quarantine for two full weeks before they are allowed to go outside. I am waiting on more information on how exactly this will work, but I am hearing rumblings from friends inside China that it is provided by the Chinese government.

This news has still not dissuaded me from going at all. Going to China to study Mandarin full time has been my dream for years and I will not let it die.

Hi Edwin,
did you see that China does not let any foreigners in anymore? https://www.fmprc.gov.cn/mfa_eng/wjbxw/t1761867.shtml
Did you manage to get in before that?

Hey Jan,

Yeah, saw the news yesterday. It basically won’t affect me - I still have my plane ticket at the end of May to go to China.

And if they still haven’t opened the border by then (which I realise is a high chance), I have visa paperwork for September as well so instead I’ll just leave at the end of August.

Either way it works out great for me. If I have to stay in Canada for an extra three months because of the temporary border closing, I get to get a head start on my HSK 6 studies so that I can spend more time in China on authentic material and less on HSK-related material.

Can’t wait to go to China! :slight_smile: