A Question About Updating Statistics

I went through out the day doing my part three of “Who is She?” story in french. It took me a while to get through this one, and I still need to listen to it a lot more.

Here is my question. I did it through the day because I keep getting interrupted. The site also had some trouble at one point? It said it was being maintained? Well after about five minutes that went away, and I continued with my lesson until I was done making lingqs. Then when I updated statistics, it said I learned 2 new words! Uh, I know I lingqed a lot more than two! what did I do wrong?


If I understand it correctly, the number of new words is based on the text difficulty. You can see this number on your desk near each new lesson before you learn an item and update statistics. I think you confound it with the function “LingQ’s created”.

Please look at your profile. You will see

Known Words

LingQ’s Created

LingQ’s Learned

The LingQ’s created is obvious.

The LingQ’s learned is the number of LingQs that you either manually moved to learned by changing the status (1) (2) (3) (4), or that you studied in your flash cards often enough to move to status (4) which is Known.

The Known words is the total of the LingQs Learned and the words that appeared in a text and which were not saved or LingQed. In other words that you encountered in a text and already knew. These are added to your total every time you Update a lesson.

The % of New Words referred to by Ina is the number of words in a new lesson that you have not encountered before on the system. This is an indicator of the difficulty of the text. This indicator becomes more and more accurate, the longer you stay on the system.

It didn’t say that you learned 2 words. It said that you “added 2 Known words”. These are the words that were new to you and that you didn’t LingQ.