A Question about Import Bookmarklet Function

Import Bookmarklet function is very useful! Now I can import what I want on the internet very easily and quickly. But, I have one question. When importing articles by using Import Bookmarklet function, there is no check in the box of “Don’t show this lesson on thelinguist.com”. Does this mean that we have to open the page and put a check in that box every time when we import articles that have the copyright? If so, it’s very useful that there will be a check in the box above automatically after using Import Bookmarklet function.

Hi hirohide,

If the lesson isn’t shared on the library, then by default it isn’t shared on thelinguist.com. For lessons imported with the Import Bookmarklet you don’t have to worry about this option being checked or not since they won’t be shared anyways. With the Import Bookmarklet, you can import as much copyrighted material as you want :wink:


Thank you very much for your quick response. I could understand what you wrote. From now on I can import everything I want on the internet very quickly and easily without worrying whether it is copyrighted or not! It’s amazing! Reading ability among LingQ members should be great thanks to this function!