A question about a piece of writing I did

Hi everyone,
On Saturday (the 13th) I submitted a piece of writing in Portuguese, but I fear that after 4 days it has now somehow become lost in the ether with all the current changes regarding tutors and such. If I click on the essay itself then the list of teachers/tutors available to mark it is empty. As such, it seems that right now there are no tutors available for marking essays in Portuguese. This would also make a resubmission of what I wrote impossible (not to mention that this would also cost more points of course) and so I’m just wondering what to do…
Could anyone help me out here?
Thank you kindly. :slight_smile:

Hi Charlie81,

It may be that the Portuguese tutor you submitted your writing to is away and has not updated their status. You should go to that writing submission in your Write list, click on it and choose a new tutor to submit it to.

Hi Mark,

Many thanks for the reply. I’ve just given that a go, so let’s see how we get on…