A problem when lingQing

To LingQ staff

Recently I have a problem when I am LingQing. Sometimes, not always, a pop-up screen that appears when I hover the cursor on the blue-highlighted word does not disappear after I finish LingQing and clicking the save button. I cannot see the text and create new LingQ because the remaining pop-up screen prevents me from doing so. Pressing the F5 key to refresh the site makes the remaining screen disappear and solve the problem, but it is annoying to do so every time the pop-up screen does not disappear. I am not sure this problem is only for me or not. Could you please check out the problem?

Hi hirohide,

We’ve had a couple of reports of this in the past and recently just pushed an update that helped to address this issue. How often are you experiencing this problem? Also, does it happen consistently when you do a specific action or does it just seem to happen randomly?

Hi Alex,

Thank you for your quick reply. In my case, this problem happened at least four or five times per twenty LingQs in one lesson yesterday. It seems to happen randomly. At least I cannot notice the specific action that causes this problem. I have used LingQ site about 14 months and there was not this problem in the past, though I don’t remember when this problem started. I hope you will find the cause of the problem and can fix it. Thank you in advance.

Thanks for the report. We will continue to keep our eyes open about this issue. In the meantime, is anyone noticing it with languages other than English?

French, occasionally

I’ve noticed it too (French). Seems to be random, I haven’t detected any pattern. As hirohide has pointed out, refresh is the workaround.

To LingQ staff

The problem that I reported previously in this thread seems fixed now. I am lingQing words and phrases without any frustration. Thank you very much for your dedication to improving LingQ site, as always.

Glad to hear it, hirohide!
We are working on making this work even better, including the ability to manually close any popups that may get stuck. :slight_smile:

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