A problem regarding forum activity

There are some very active members who periodically do look through forum posts and offer their help. It might just be my imagination but the forum activity seems to be quite low compared to say a year ago. In the last couple of days I have reflected on this issue and I have found a few reason why that might be the case.

These are members with weird usernames such as, ios_2UcUTR6mMZhNmWjsIiswMICXfw who posts nonsense posts. Another thing that identifies them as spammers is that they always ask about words that one could easily look up at a dictionary. They tend to clog up the forum quite a lot.

Another problem that I have noticed is that for example posts that has been posted on ask your tutor french only appear in recently active threads if you are studying French. I think this is a problem because the majority of French speaking lingq members don’t study French.

I do believe that if these post would appear in recently active threads it would increase the activity of random lingq members if they noticed that a post goes unanswered as has often been the case in the last year or so, even with high profile languages.


That’s a good suggestion. I think those are restricted to their own languages to try and unclutter the main forum list but it does prevent native speakers from seeing them. Originally I think there were notifications that went out to native speakers but we don’t do that now for these.

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I think that’s a great idea. Maybe there could be a tag in the title of the post (“FRENCH”, “GREEK”, etc) to alert the targeted audience, and to allow the members who don’t know or are not interested in the that language to skip over it easily. The tag wouldn’t have to be software-generated. You could just encourage members to add that to their title.

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